“Unsinkable” is the second album by Dave Aaronoff & The Protagonists. Recoded live in a home studio in just two days, the album captures the sound and spontaneity of the band. The songs are a mix of riotous drinking songs and bittersweet ballads that tell the stories of godless drunkards, lonely hearts, and disgruntled Americans. The band was started by Dave Aaronoff in 2006. The Protagonists feature some of Boston’s most seasoned musicians: Todd Foulsham (drums), Eric Schmider (guitar), Joe Klompus (upright bass), Tim Obetz (pedal steel), Meredith Cooper (violin), and Rebekah Turner (vocals). Their songs are often sardonic and comical, and are steeped in traditional American country, folk, and rock n’ roll, and occasionally veer into classic pop and tin-pan-alley era music. The band lives and performs in the Boston area.

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